Saturday, January 17 2015

The University of Wisconsin neurotransmitter distress SMOKE SIGNAL

From the Z-paper series by Herb Zinser

Z-paper 1134A about the INTERNAL Carl Jung collective unconsciousness (GROUP MIND) battles in Madison, Wisconsin and their EXTERNAL signaling message displays via human thoughts, decisions, and smoking behavior.

p-1134a-1.PNG p-1134a-2.PNG p-1134a-3.PNG p-1134a-4.PNG p-1134a-5.PNG p-1134a-6.PNG p-1134a-7.PNG p-1134a-8.PNG p-1134a-9.PNG p-1134a-10.PNG

p-1134a-11.PNG p-1134a-12.PNG p-1134a-13.PNG p-1134a-14.PNG p-1134a-15.PNG p-1134a-16.PNG p-1134a-17.PNG p-1134a-18.PNG p-1134a-19.PNG p-1134a-20.PNG p-1134a-21.PNG p-1134a-22.PNG

Friday, January 16 2015

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